Major components of your vehicle need ideal serviceability for a steady, safe and peaceful drive. Like other components, tyres stability on road is also important for vehicles and passengers’ safety. Unfortunately, contrary to other components, tyre pressure is an underrated feature unless it is completely flat. Ignorance in treating tyres as equally important components of the vehicle can leave you in an irreversible situation. On the other hand, tyres with accurate pressure will live long, perform better, bear less load on the engine as compared to under inflated tyres and better grip with the road as compared to over inflated tyres.

Tyres are permanently exposed to friction, heat, weather, and road conditions therefore, they are designed according to usage of the vehicle. In order to maintain the optimum serviceability during journey a composite inspection of tyres and suspension system is a vital factor.  Northside Radiator and Auto Care has established a tremendous mechanism for diagnosis and rectification of every possibility on the road. Our trained staff in the tyre service section takes care of each element of the manufacturer’s grade tyre and suspension system servicing. Tyres inflation at recommended pressure is imperative to:-

  • Increase life of tyres and suspension system
  • Improve fuel efficiency of the vehicle
  • Maintain better road grip
  • Increase performance of the engine
  • Maintain proper control on steering wheel
  • transfer shock equally on each component in the grid  and safeguard tyres from damage

Under Inflated Tyres

Under Inflated Tyres

Freeway drive with under inflated tyres is as dangerous for passengers that many countries have declared it as a culpable act. With decreased pressure tyres have bigger foot prints on the road which wears them out faster. Driving long ways get them fragile due to more exposure to friction which expedites heat factor.  The trica of high speed, overheat and wearing of tyre can end up in an unwanted situation. To keep from consequences Northside Radiator and Auto Care recommends a special long rout car repair and maintenance for optimum on road serviceability. Under inflation of tyres can cause:-

  • Less mileage per liter
  • wearing of tyre sole (both inner and outer linings)
  • Damage to walls/ shoulders of tyres
  • More friction due to increased contact with the road
  • Decreased tyre’s active life
  • Prone to blow out on turning
  • Worse impact on environment 

Over Inflated Tyres

Over Inflated Tyres

Tyres have specific capacity which damages on over filling. The dangerous part of the story is reduced traction which concentrates load of the vehicle on smaller portion of treaded area and wears it out. Leaving tyres unchecked for prolonged periods makes them vulnerable to blowout therefore, it is recommend to check tyre pressure once a month. Request for a logbook service now. Over inflation also reduces steering control on high speed. It becomes more dangerous on rough surfaces where tyres are being eaten out rapidly. Vehicles remained on the road for weeks with over inflated tyres are recommended to inspect for tyres serviceability and replacement on wear or damage. The damages of over inflation are:-

  • Reduced steering control during high speed
  • Reduced flexibility of tyres
  • Reduced friction on the road
  • Reduced traction
  • Reduced fuel consumption 
  • Reduced life span 
  • unyielding and stiff tyres
  • Damaged treaded area

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